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Certification & Surveys

Simplify certification requests, collection & tracking.

Streamline Requests Standardization Centralization Gain Visibility
Streamline Requests

Quick Launch Certification Requests

Create and send your certification requests with 1-click, and have forms pre-populated with control and testing data.


Certification Web Forms

Build easy-to-use forms with custom input types such as file uploads and ratings. Propose and accept changes directly in certification requests.


Track Certification Progress

Dashboards reflect real-time certification progress, and automated email reminders keep process owners on track.

PBC Management

Launch, track and manage PBC requests in one simple system.

Streamline Requests Gain Visibility Centralize Files & Communication
Streamline Requests

Quick Launch PBC Requests

Create and send all your PBC requests in minutes. Pre-populate PBC request forms with control and testing data, testing procedures and PBC information.

Gain Visibility

Monitor PBC Status

Get real-time PBC status without following up with users individually. See who’s on track, who’s behind and where to reallocate resources.

Centralize Files & Communication

Centralize Requests & Evidence

Manage PBC requests, evidence and communication in a single repository. Eliminate back-and-forth emails by communicating directly in the tool.

User Access Review

Automate your UAR process

Standardize Requests

Use certification web forms with questions, file uploads and ratings to make sure Supervisors understand review procedures. Files generated from ERP Maestro are automatically attached to UAR review requests.

Track UAR Review Progress

See UAR review progress at any time with real-time dashboards. Quickly identify which areas are at risk, and send automated email reminders to keep Supervisors on track.

Streamline User Listings

Launch UAR review requests with 1-click. Each request comes pre-populated with user listings pulled from ERP Maestro, providing a seamless integration of SAP users to kick off the approval workflow.

Single Page UAR Review

Quickly gather and centralize UAR review requests in one place. Replace back-and-forth email communication with commenting in the tool. Propose and accept changes directly in UAR review requests.

Complete Audit Trails

All approvals are tracked through the automated workflow and audit trails. See who signed off and when in your Activity Log. Send Preparers and Reviewers automated notifications as due dates near.

Management Review Control (MRC)

Build industry standard controls with our best practice, external auditor approved control libraries. Access thousands of pre-populated controls for your industry.

Collect Evidence As You Go

Collect and store evidence as controls are operating in real-time. When it’s time for the audit, MRC evidence is already documented and organized for a seamless hand off.

Put Processes in Place

Document clear MRC desktop procedures to ensure the required steps are being taken every time.

Gain Peace of Mind

Gain peace of mind knowing that controls are operating effectively. Monitor progress and open tasks with real-time dashboards. Identify issues before the audit.

Consolidate your Data

Centralize and organize MRC controls and activities in a single, searchable repository.

Management Review Control (MRC)
Management Review Control (MRC)